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GoDogGo™ is a remote-controlled tennis ball launcher designed specifically to play fetch with your dog. We know there are days that you’ll want to play with your dog and his new favorite dog toy and other days, when you’re tired or busy, that you’d prefer your pooch entertain himself. GoDogGo was invented by a loving dog owner who felt the same way. That’s why GoDogGo has both automatic and manual ball launching settings.

In automatic mode, GoDogGo will launch tennis balls every 4, 7 or 15 seconds for your dog to fetch. In manual mode, you can launch each tennis ball to your dog using the remote-control.


GoDogGo Ball launcher was meant to be used in small yards, big yards, dog parks, and open wide fields. Depending on the size of the space your dog will be playing in, you will want to adjust the ball launching distance to optimally fit that space.

On the bottom of your GoDogGo ball launcher you can adjust the launch distance from 5 metres to 10 metres (can achieve 14 metres), depending on the size of the outdoor space your dog will be playing in

Since you may want to use your GoDogGo ball shooter in your backyard or at the park, it can be powered by either batteries or an electrical outlet.

Using 6 “D” batteries, GoDogGo will run for 25+ hours. Or, you may choose to use the included AC adapter for unlimited play.

Most dogs love tennis balls. They’re fun to chew and even more fun to fetch. GoDogGo is a ball-loving dog’s dream! Included with your ball launcher are 3 tennis balls, although it can hold up to 17 full-size balls (25 small-size balls).

Sure GoDogGo is bigger than your dog’s other dog toys, but it’s also that much more fun too!
GoDogGo measures
38cm x 33cm x 44.5cm and weighs just 5kg's (without batteries or balls in it). It has easy-grab handles which allow you to easily pick up and move your GoDogGo.

Your dog’s newest dog toy is sure to get endless hours and hours of use. So, to stand up to this never-ending love of playing fetch, GoDogGo is manufactured with only top-quality, durable materials. GoDogGo Remote Fetch is made from durable high-impact injection molded plastic and long-lasting components.

While many precautions were taken to ensure that you and your dog have a fun time playing, it is recommended that you follow these few safety precautions:

Though GoDogGo is fun for your dog, it is not a childs toy.
While your GoDogGo ball launcher is turned on, stand clear and keep your dog at least 2 feet away from the front of the machine.
Never allow your dog to retrieve or place the ball back into the ball pocket. Only place the ball in the bucket.
Never touch the safety sensor switch. This switch is for your safety and if it is touched during operation or while the unit is “on” it may cause serious injury.
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