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  GoDogGo™ is all about enjoying your pet while you give them the best thing for their health, EXERCISE! You know your dog better than we do and more than likely know what he/she is capable of doing. Please pay attention to your dog's health and be aware when he needs a rest period. DO NOT exercise your pet to the point of exhaustion.

GoDogGo has been designed so that your dog may be trained to retrieve and RETURN the tennis balls to the INSIDE of the bucket for the continued launching of balls and for the interactive use between dog and machine.

It is recommended that you begin training your dog with only one ball being launched from the unit at a time in order for your pet to become familiar to the launch activity. This will allow you to begin training them to return the ball to the inside of the bucket upon retrieval of the ball. It is recommend from the very first introduction of GoDogGo that you train your pet to return the ball to either the ground in front or inside of the bucket. This will insure the best results and exercise for your pet.

Positive reinforcement given to your dog upon him placing the ball inside the bucket may help with the training process and help create positive fetching, retrieval and ball returning habits for unlimited enjoyment for you and your dog.

Additional safety tips:

It is highly recommended to monitor your pet’s waiting location during the launch cycle of your GoDogGo ball launcher. Never allow your pet to retrieve or place the ball back into the ball pocket. Only place the ball in the bucket.

Keep your pet back at least 2 feet from launch pocket.
  Good Luck!

Remote control fetch machine for dogz
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