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Seriously the craziest dog toy for your tennis ball crazed pup

  I have a golden retriever who would die of depression if you didn't throw tennis balls for him, and he can chase balls for hours. Now with GoDogGo™, I can sit back and launch them with my remote. He actually gets tired from chasing balls now. Thanks GoDogGo!

  • Julie
- Charlotte, NC

  My dog has never been so happy and healthy.As soon as I put our GoDogGo down on the grass he starts wagging his tail and jumping up and down…

  • Michael
- Bend, OR

  In two days I trained my dog to put the balls back in the bucket. It was so easy and now she plays with GoDogGo for an hour at time. It’s definitely her favorite dog toy.

  • Brad
- Savannah, GA

  Our Dachshund Underdog, LOVES his GoDogGo. It was a great purchase, and many hours of fun. When the ball Launches he isn’t slow, It’s hip, hip, hip and away he goes! We are all extremely happy with our GoDogGo machine.

  • Doug & Mel
- Inverness, FL    ( 
see video )

  It's allowed my husband and I to spend more time together since our ball happy dog is now entertained!

  • Stacy
- Santa Clara, CA

  Our dog Mikie could be the poster dog for all your advertisements.. He is crazy about it!

  • Laura
- Key Largo, FL

  My dogs, Brodie and Venus, absolutely love their GoDogGo! Brodie is normally
an active bulldog, but Venus is the typical bulldog couch potato. But, when
I get the GoDogGo out, she loves to chase the ball with her brother. It's a
great form of exercise for my lazy girl. And, it's so much fun to watch. We
all love it!

  • Sandy
- Sammamish, WA    ( 
see video )

  This has to be the coolest idea ever. Even though my dog is still just a puppy (4 months) and hasn’t learned to put the balls back yet, he still goes crazy every time I pull it out of the closet. I have to keep it in the closet because if he can see it, he fidgets & spins around for it until I turn it on!

  • Todd
- Tucson, AZ   ( 
see videos  1 - 2 - 3 )

  It’s great to see my Yellow Lab Maverick bouncing up and down as he anticipates the ball being thrown for him. He takes off just before the ball is thrown and sometimes even catches it in the air! We’ve taught him a command now to drop the ball back into the GoDogGo machine.

  • Rick
- Milwaukee, WI
Remote control fetch machine for dogz
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