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Welcome to the GoDogGo™ Video Archives. Click the videos or links to view. Look to see this section growing in the near future. From what we can see aleady, it looks like GoDogGo is making some tail waggers out of a lot of you!!

You’ll need Quicktime™ Player installed on your computer to view the videos. If you have it, you’re all set - if not, you need it anyway! Follow this link to download a free version.

Hershey is the orginal GoDogGo dog. His owner invented GoDogGo and Hershey was the official tester. We can all thank Hershey for GoDogGo being such a top-quality ball shooter. It had to keep up with all of Hershey's ball-loving needs - and he is one high-energy pooch!

As you can see, this little guy has a LOT of spunk! He sure does love his new dog toy, jumping up and down, waiting for the next tennis ball to be thrown. We think if Underdog could talk he would say, "I love my GoDogGo ball launcher so much! I could play with it all day!"

Now these two love playing with GoDogGo together! Once that ball launches, it's a race between them to see who gets to the ball first. Then it's even more fun trying to bring the ball back to the bucket without the other snatching it away first! Oh, the life of a dog who has a GoDogGo... what endless fun!

How dogs who've never played with GoDogGo before reacted!

This was the first time we filmed GoDogGo at the dog park. We just set it down, turned it on and walked away. Pretty much every dog that was there that day wanted to join in on the fun. The GoDogGo ball launcher sure got a lot of use!

Our second time at the park. This time we filled GoDogGo with as many tennis balls as it would hold. Again, we set it down, turned it on and just walked away. There were lots of people and dogs there that day, and all of them were very interested in this fun ball shooter! If we had more time we could have easily taught the ball hog here today how to put the balls back in the bucket. GoDogGo was a HUGE hit!

See a 15 week old American Bulldog check out GoDog Go™!!
We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Todd sent us these videos. We’ll let him explain:

“Even though he's just a pup, he caught on right away to the 'go fetch' part...”
See Todd try to show Titus how GoDogGo™ is done. “I wanted to show him how to put the balls back, while trying to get him even more fired up...”
“My goal is obviously to get Titus to put the balls back by himself.
This clip is a ‘gag reel,’ with me trying to teach (in 'dogspeak') a 15-week-old American Bulldog a trick that is likely a tad beyond his ability just yet... But he'll be putting those balls back in due time!”
Crazy, crazy CRAZY funny - A MUST SEE!!! Worth the wait to download. Pause it 'till it loads - HILARIOUS!!! He almost gets it right at the end!
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Get Quicktime for MAC & PC! Updates, Quicktime Pro & More!! Watch the GoDogGo™ Videos with Quicktime. See dogs at the Dog Park react to GoDogGo™ for the first time ever!! Check out the 'Underdog' get his workout on with GoDogGo™!! The Official homepage for GoDogGo! Crazy, crazy CRAZY funny - A MUST SEE!!! Worth the wait to download. Pause it 'till it loads - HILARIOUS!!! He almost gets it right at the end!