GoDogGo the ONLY remote-control ball launcher for dogs
Dog owners love our tennis ball launcher All about GoDogGo, the ONLY automatic ball launcher for dogs Buy GoDogGo, the ONLY automatic ball launcher for dogs Learn more about the Go Dog Go ball shooter See cool dogs playing with their GoDogGo ball toys Find your countries distributor for GoDogGo
The newest interactive dog toy on the market is Go Dog Go
New ball shooter aids dog obedience trainig.
Many trainers using GoDogGo remark positively about it.
dog school  & training made fun with GoDogGo.
obedience training with the go dog go ball shooter.
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Seriously the craziest dog toy for your tennis ball crazed pup

Your dog will love to exercise with GoDogGo

ur product really is the 'ultimate' dog toy, but there are many other products and services available for your pooch. Over the coming months we will be trying to provide a list of great websites for you to browse.

Aussie Pet Holidays
Aussie Pet Holidays provide an online enquiry service for pet friendly accomodation in New South Wales.
Web: www.aussiepetholidays.com.au

Pets Online
Pets Online is a portal dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers for all things pet related. Find puppies, dogs, cats, horses & more from pet shops, breeders, animal shelters and private sales!
Web: www.petsonline.com.au

Ball Machines
Tennis Warehouse Australia is one of Australia's largest sellers of ball machines including the GoDogGo. If you are looking for SAM, Lobster, Tutor or Silent Partner to practice your tennis against, this is the website to go to. These ball machines could also be used for the ultimate dog toy (if you thought the GoDogGo wasn't enough!)
Web: www.tenniswarehouse.com.au

Ball Machines.com.au
This company provides the largest range of ball machines, including tennis, cricket, baseball, softball, soccer & more. Last but not least, they sell the GoDogGo Ball Machine!!!
Web: www.ballmachines.com.au

Passion Pets
Stylish – Warm – Luxurious – describes their exclusive range of handmade polar fleece dog coats.
Web: www.passionpets.com.au

Other Links

Fry's Storage
A great self storage company used by many pet companies to store their products without the need to rent a huge warehouse on a long term lease. Month by month leases with sizes ranging from 1m x 1m to 6m x 6m. The have 8 locations in Melbourne, so there is bound to be a complex near you.
Web: www.frys.com.au

City Side Serviced Offices
A friendly office environment to run your business from. The provide everything you need to get going including a phone system, ADSL, desks & furniture, reception services, tea & coffee, board room facilities, video conferencing and more.
Web: www.csso.com.au

GoDogGo is still the only automatic fetch machine for dogs
Remote control fetch machine for dogz
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