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  Some FAQs in addition to this helpful information:
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  Is GoDog the manufacturer of GoDogGo?

No GoDog.com.au is an authorised retailer of this fantastic product. Please contact GoDogGo, Inc. for manufacturer inquiries.

  How big is the GoDogGo unit?

Product dimensions are: 38cm x 33cm x 44.5cm. It weighs 5 kgs (without batteries or balls in it).

  How many balls will it hold?

It can hold up to 17 full-size balls or 25 small-size balls in the bucket.

  Can the GoDogGo shoot balls other than tennis balls?

Yes, the new GoDogGo G4 released in 2016 works with small, medium and large tennis balls, as well as other ball types and materials (eg, racquet balls, Chuckit balls, etc). Ball sizes from 1.8" to 2.5" work with this machine and the bucket will hold up to 25 small balls. Please visit the USA GoDogGo Facebook site (see discussion page) for more information about different balls and recommendations to achieve desired distances. You may also choose balls which offer less height and distance for use indoors or small back yards.

  I have a small backyard, how far does it shoot the balls?

The machine can be adjusted to shoot the ball between 5 and 10 metres in distance (can shoot as far as 14 metres depending on conditions). This is adequate to work nicely in most backyards or in open spaces like a park.

  Does it run off batteries or electricity?

Actually it can run off either. It can take 6 D size batteries (also takes rechargeable) or you can plug it into a standard power outlet.

  How often do the balls shoot out?

You can either set the balls to shoot out every 4 seconds, 7 seconds or 15 seconds. Alternatively you can use the remote to shoot a ball whenever you press the launch button.


What is the best way to set the machine up ?

We find putting 17 balls in the bucket and setting the machine to shoot every 15 seconds gives the dogs enough time to retrieve the ball and return it to the base of the machine before it shoots the next one. After 17 balls we find the dogs are panting and usually the balls are neatly gathered around the base of the machine.

However, another method is to put just one ball in the bucket and set the machine to launch every 7 seconds. If you can train your dog to place the ball in the bucket (we successfully trained a Maltese in approximately 5 hours), then your dog can continuously play with the machine and it becomes interactive.

  Does GoDogGo come with a warranty?

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for our GoDogGo units. GoDogGo also comes with a 6 month limited warranty on defects. Please visit the contact us page for more information regarding returns and exchanges.

  How long will batteries last with GoDogGo?

GoDogGo will operate with either an AC adapter (included) or on 6 D batteries (not included). On batteries, GoDogGo G4 will run for approximately 25+ hours. You can also use GoDogGo on rechargeable batteries.

  Is GoDogGo dangerous?

GoDogGo is not a child's toy. Tennis balls launch from the unit at high speeds. Be sure you or your dog are not directly in front of launcher when unit is turned on. There is a safety sensor that is sensitive to the weight of the balls and is located in the pocket where the balls are launched from. Do not touch the safety sensor when the machine is turned on and there are no balls in the launch pocket. After following the simple safety rules, GoDogGo is lots of fun!

  GoDogGo is so unique. Has it won any awards?

Why Yes! GoDogGo was named one of the Best Pet Products by Pet Age and Dog World magazines!

  Can I train my dog to put the balls back in the GoDogGo bucket for continuous play?

Well, you can try! Actually, it's not as hard as it sounds. With each unit we include some tips on how to train your dog to do it. Good luck!
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